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Sunday, September 6, 2009

the lastest remodel pics

I got a page at work on Friday from Elisa stating that the plumbers were at the house ready to install the new toilet in our master bathroom. The problem was there wasn't a new toilet. I tried to reach our contractor to no avail, so we ended up moving the toilet from the front bathroom into the new bathroom so we would have a toilet while they tiled the front bathroom. I really don't mind because the toilet you see here fits me just right. :) I picked it out when we replaced the original and I've been very pleased with it. So the new toilet will go in the front bathroom for Elisa and the kids, whenever it arrives, and the plumbers return....
We got new tile! We decided to replace the tile in the front bathroom and kitchen as well as tiling the new laundry room and bathroom. I think it is beautiful! The tile guys did a wonderful job. The tub surround looks amazing! I can't wait 'til there's actually a tub in there!
The front bathroom.

Our new tub surround!

We finally got rid of that old linoleum in the kitchen. Yay!

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