Melissa, Geoff and Mina

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's official!

We didn't get a phone call last night, so I was pretty sure everything was going to go as scheduled for our court date this morning. Sure enough! We met our adoption caseworker Hannah and Geoff's parents at the court and less than an hour later Mina was officially ours. Yay! Happy birthday Mina!
Geoff's parents.

The judge signing the final paperwork. Woohoo!

With Hannah, our caseworker on the left, and our lawyer (that we met this morning!) on the right. In AZ the county attorney's office will take care of all the legal stuff so you don't have to hire a lawyer to finalize the adoption. Pretty nice, even though it did take a lot of extra time!

Thanks honorable judge Thompson!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

random pics

We just got a jumperoo for Mina and she loves it. I'll try to upload some video, too, because it's hillarious watching her jump and jump. The little blue shoes she has on squeek, too, so it makes it that much better.
A day at the park.

For Sierra's b-day we went to the splash pad and Mina loved it. She scooted around on her belly in the water, got sprayed in the face and didn't mind at all. Sierra and the other kids had a blast, too.

This is a typical scene around Mina's high chair. As you can see, she doesn't mind sharing :)

Fun with gramps and more

Gramps loves his grandkids and they love him.
These pictures are a little older. I can't believe how much Mina has grown!

This little car is a new favorite toy. Mina and Ethan "take turns" playing on it :) Sierra pushes her around on it and she loves it. It's great having a big sis! I got the cute glasses for a buck and she even keeps them on long enough for me to take pictures. She'll then take them off and try to put them back on again. So cute.

I play the piano every so often and when I do I soon find myslf surrounded by little piano players.


Mina loves the water. She splashes in it and doesn't mind if it gets in her eyes. This is the most Geoff has been in the water in a long time! He says now that he has his baby girl to play with it's a lot more fun.

D-backs game

We had a lot of fun taking Mina to the baseball game with us. She loves hot dogs and baseball caps as you can see. We had to leave a little early when she started to get tired, but she did really well.

Trip to my parents and other random pics

I took Mina for a hike up in the beautiful mountains. She does really well. I pack along some treats and toys to keep her occupied and she doesn't mind the wrap. I love being up in the fresh air with the beautiful trees and quiet. Ahhh!
Mina loves Gracie and crawls right up to her, on her, over her. She loves playing with her tags and Gracie is really good about letting her do just about whatever she wants. Mina and Sierra love playing together, too. They are great buds.

Mina is now sitting in a high chair when we go out to eat and loves to share whatever we have. She likes just about everything we give her. She got her first tooth at about 10 months and her second came in pretty quick after that, both on the bottom in the front. I'll have to try and get a pic.

Mina and I made a trip up to visit my parents for the fourth and as you can see Mina loved hanging out with gramps and grandma. We also got to see cousin Charlie for a little bit.

Fun with Geoff's family

This summer cousin Tiny has come over and watched Mina for us several times when I picked up extra shifts at work. Mina loved it! Thanks so much Tiny! We miss you! (She is off to her first year at BYU, best of luck!)
Geoff's nephew got married in June and we got to see all the family. Mina had a lot of fun playing with cousins.