Melissa, Geoff and Mina

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mina picture collage

I figured out how to use Picasa to do these collages so I could get more pictures on the blog for my download. Yay! I had to snap these pictures of Mina's smile and hair. She had a pony on the top of her head and when I took it out this is what it looked like. I just love Mina's smile.

Mina is eating solid food now. It is so cute to watch her! When we first started feeding her she would open her mouth as wide as she could and then lean forward toward the spoon. It made it a little difficult for me to aim! We're both better at it now, though.

Mina and her cousin Ethan are almost twins. They share the same toys, often the same food. She's got more hair but he's got more girth! Sierra is such a good baby sitter for both of them. She loves to hold Mina. One of her friends came over and wanted to hold Mina, too, but we realized pretty quickly that she didn't know what to do! Sierra really has a skill and seems to know just what to do.

Mina actually got this Christmas outfit from Elisa and Ethan who got it from aunt Patty and uncle Larry. Ethan had grown out of it by Christmas so it was passed down to Mina. We didn't mind! We got the cute bib from our neighbor.

I love to see what position Mina will end up in when she falls asleep now. We used to swaddle her and she wouldn't be able to get out. Now her hands are out almost immediately. She likes to pull the blanket over her eyes and roll over onto her side or stomach. It's so cute! These pics also show Mina with her grandparents. We just need a new one with Geoff's mom!