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Sunday, September 6, 2009

final post of the night

Sierra started pre-school this year. The main difficulty is that it starts at 7:45 AM, and as you can see, Sierra is tired. She's used to sleeping in until 9:00 and does not appreciate being woken up in the morning! Elisa asked me to take her to school on Friday and I thought I got up sufficiently early to get her there and then get to work on time. However, by the time I was getting breakfast ready for her it was time to go. So I gave her a glass of my protein shake and a piece of toast and put her in her car seat. Well, the ride to pre-school wasn't very long and she was still tired, so she had only taken a few sips of the shake when it was time to get out of the car. So I brought the piece of toast with us while we were walking hurriedly to her classroom. Sierra was running along, taking bites of her toast with me encouraging her to keep chewing! We got to the classroom just in time and I took the toast from her and went to sign her in. As I was signing Sierra in she came right up to me. I thought she was going to hug me good bye, but she lifted up my hand and took one last bite of toast! Poor girl! Going to school tired and starving!
The electricians installed can lights throughout the house as well as our new bathroom lights. This is where the vanity will go. The vanity cabinetry actually arrived last week and was supposed to be installed, but there was a mis-communication between the contractor and the guy he sent to pick it up. The worker didn't realize he was supposed to install it so didn't bring the right tools. Well, apparently he has been busy on other jobs since then because I haven't seen him again! I'll need to call our contractor this week and see what's up. Maybe they were just waiting for the tile to get done.

Elisa came into the living room one day to find Gracie in Geoff's lap, snuggling. Aww! Can you believe how big Gracie is?! What happened to getting a medium sized dog? Oh well. She just got a haircut and is very fluffly and cute right now. We won't mention the fact that she has been eating and pooping out kid socks. Hmmm! Yup, they go all the way through! Elisa has to buy new socks for the kids almost every time she goes to the store!

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  1. It's great to see pics of all the Fam. That story of Sierra and the toast is so cute. Our schedule when in Az all depends on when Tom gets his Elk so if it's early we'll have more time do things We'll let you know.