Melissa, Geoff and Mina

Sunday, January 11, 2009

We said goodbye to Kidder after
Thanksgiving :( Well, she went to her "mom" so it was a good thing. My dad loves Kidder and spent the week they stayed with us spoiling her: taking her on walks twice a day (with no attempt at making her heel!), letting her sit on his lap, paying all sorts of attention to her. She started whining in the morning if he wasn't up soon enough to pay attention to her! Good thing we gave her back to her mom!

My niece and nephew miss Kidder, too, but it was good timing because Geoff and I are planning on remodeling in a month or so and weren't sure what we were going to do with Kidder! I could just see her running down the street when someone left the back gate open, thinking what a fun game it was to have us chase her! Hmm! Last I heard Kidder was enjoying her new home, had dogs next door to play with, and has already had to be chased around the neighborhood. Oh yeah, and she has fleas! I swear she didn't get them here! I'm sure we would have noticed! Ah well, maybe we won't get our own dog after all :) (Don't mention that to Geoff!)
Notice Kidder sitting safely on my lap in this picture. She followed me around for protection when the kids came over, a little annoying when I couldn't walk in the kitchen without stepping on her! You'd think she would be able to figure out a place other than right under by feet to be "safe!" Silly dog. I do miss her.

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