Melissa, Geoff and Mina

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

family reunion

In April my family got together to celebrate the 8th birthday of my two oldest nephews. All of my family got to come and we had a great time. This first picture is of a hike we took. It was such a beautiful day with wildflowers and great company. Mina did really well in the wrap, too. She took a little nap and only at the end did she get a little restless so I turned her to face forward and she just let her little legs flap against me and loved it.

Gramps feeding Mina. Notice how her feet are nearly at the bottle. She likes to get them involved, too!

Hangin' with grandma and Ethan.

In this picture I'm holding Naomi, born last August to my older sister, my sister-in-law Shawnee is holding Mina, born in September, and my brother Danny is holding their baby Saffron, born in January. Three little girls all close in age. I'm excited for Mina to have cousins close in age. I have fond memories of getting together with my cousins growing up and hope she can have the same experience.

The three girl cousins! The only one missing is Ethan, who was born in July. Cute kids!

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