Melissa, Geoff and Mina

Monday, March 8, 2010

My cute Mina

We put Mina to sleep by swaddling her in a blanket to help her calm herself and keep her from getting over stimulated. She has now been working her arms out and we eventually find her like this, or with her arm over her eyes, or completely out of the blanket with the blanket pulled over her eyes.
Mina with a cute smile for my dad. For a short while she wouldn't smile for other people and we were beginning to think she was really going to be a mommy and daddy's girl. But she's really started smiling at family and friends now. She does still seem to be a home body though, being happiest at home. When I want to show off her great smile and laugh when we go out it doesn't always happen!
Grandma feeding her, and of course Mina is now trying to help. See her hand on the end of he bottle? She's even starting to hold her own bottle very briefly. Mostly, though she keeps pulling the bottle out of her mouth with her hands so I have to hold them down.

Isn't this a cute outfit! The outfit and the chair we got from the shower from good friends. I love how she is reaching for Sierra in this picture. She really loves Sierra, Jake and Ethan. Sierra and Jake can really make her laugh.

Wild hair girl! We just had to get a picture of this hairdo. You gotta love the look on her face, too!

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