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Monday, July 6, 2009

more crazy remodel day

The blog will only let me add so many pictures at a time, and I'm also not used to thinking in reverse, so you'll just have to reverse all my blogs and pictures! In other words, don't start with the most recent blog if you want to follow chronologically!
Poor Gracie spent the day in her crate, and poor us listening to her barking!
The air conditioning guy in our current room. I did my best to cover things up and they used plastic, but there was still dust everywhere. Notice he's wearing a mask. Those of us living in the house just got to breathe in all the insulation and dust! My sister eventually took the kids to the play place at the mall to get out of the house. Meanwhile, I was still transferring stuff from the den into the front room and onto the front porch so they could get to the duct in the den.

In the new addition we have our contractors and the electrician. He put in new can lights throughout the house. He didn't bother to use plastic when sawing through the ceiling, so, you guessed it, more dust. It was about this time that Geoff and I started talking about staying somewhere else that night because they were going to tear out the hall ceiling to put in new ducts at 6:00 AM the next morning. We ended up staying 2 nights at the hotel because the house was such a mess and they were basically in every room.

They have the outside in the back all ready for stucco.

Aah, roofers in front and back! Just imagine the noise of roofers up top, the guys putting in ducts inside the house, the compressor in the new addition and the noise of 2 little kids and a dog! What a day. Oh, and did I mention that the guy came to put in our new dishwasher that day, too? So, roofers, duct workers, electrician, dishwasher guy, contractors. Phew! I was happy to be out of the house and not too excited to come back to the mess. Geoff and I spent 3 1/2 to 4 hours after work on Friday cleaning the house so it was livable: vacuuming the floors and couches, dusting everything, sweeping, cleaning the bathroom (I think I've cleaned the bathroom and the floors every other day in the past 2 weeks), wiping down everything in the kitchen. I vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom again today. The joys of remodelling!

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