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Monday, July 6, 2009

Crazy remodel day!

Last Wednesday was a crazy remodel day. Here are niece and nephew Sierra and Jacob eating breakfast. Around them there was chaos!
The workers from the air conditioning company were here to put new air ducts in all the room. Notice that pile of insulation from the roof. We're still finding it in cracks and crevices all over the house, despite the plastic.

All of the stuff from our old bedroom and other stuff we had stored in the front two bedrooms ended up in the den when my sister and her two kids moved in with us. Of course, they had to put a duct in this room so I had to move the stuff out of this room and into the living room when they finished there.

The roofers started at 5:30 AM, pounding in all the new roof tiles.

I love the new color of our roof! We'll be having the trim painted also, and we're thinking of a gray/blue color. The black car out front is the new car Geoff helped my sister buy. Isn't it cute?

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