Melissa, Geoff and Mina

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mina's 6 month photos

Mina did so well for her 6 month pictures. She has developed "stranger anxiety" as the doctor calls it, so it takes her a while to warm up to people now. But there was an employee at the photo studio that Mina "took to" and we got some good smiles. I tried 2 different hair styles based on requests from Geoff and suggestions from Elisa as well as my own preferences. I think the two pony tails turned out the cutest. It's hard to see the little clips in the other pictures.

I found this cute dress at Goodwill. I think it's so cute! I've also found other great things there with the tags still on. I must admit I love shopping for baby clothes, so Goodwill is a good place to go because I can get a lot for a little.

Geoff especially likes these pictures of Mina sucking on her bottom lip because it is a look we see on her face a lot! She is now using consonants, and that sucking of the bottom lip turns into "ba, ba ba" and just recently, "ma, ma, ma." It's so cute!


  1. I can't believe she is already 6 months old!!! She is SO cute! You look so happy =)

  2. All of those pictures are adorable!! we are looking foward to september!!!