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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the latest remodel pics

I took these first pictures a few days ago to show the progress on the house, but I had to take new pictures today because everything is moving pretty quickly now. Yay! We had to move out of our bedroom Tuesday night, a big chore, and they have since torn out the old closet and built the frame for the new one. Just a little difference in size, wouldn't you say? Hee hee! I'm really excited for my new walk-in closet. Of course in moving all our stuff and "storing" some of it in our den we've realized we can probably get rid of a lot of it. If we haven't used it in the past 5 years we've been in the house do we really need to keep it? So we'll have to have a huge garage sale at the end of our remodel. I've been thinking we'd invite the neighbors, too and have a community garage sale. Hmmm. I'm not sure how well that will work in 110 degree July heat! Yes, hopefully we'll have the remodel done in a month. We're crossing our fingers. We are still waiting for the gas company to come move the meter (it's been atleast 3 weeks now.) They're also charging us $600 to move it, another of those costs that tend to crop up during a remodel. Oh well, I'm pleased with everything overall and have been very satisified with our builder and the contractors.

This is our bedroom before. Notice the size of the closet. I had some trouble getting a good angle of what they've done so far with the new closet, but you can see where the old closet was and how much bigger the new one will be.

They've started work on our beautiful back porch! It's going to be so nice, so much more open than the old one.

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