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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ode to pears

So our ward took on a project from the humanitarian center several months ago to color books for children. I took one home intending to color it within the next week and return it. Well, it is now several months later and I'm just finishing it. I only have one page left to color! I was held up partly by the fact that I did not have colored pencils and would forget to purchase them when I went shopping. Of course, I don't like shopping, so that further delayed the acquisition of pencils.
I eventually did purchase the pencils and have been dutifully coloring my book: 2 ice cream cones; 4 turtles; 8 kites. I've enjoyed choosing colors for each page, trying to make it interesting for the children.
Then I got to number eleven: 11 pears. Now, how do you make 11 pears interesting? How many colors can I actually use for pears? Couldn't they have chosen something like "11 balloons." That would make it easy to use a variety of colors. No, it had to be 11 pears. So I picked the obvious colors, yellow and green, and recalled seeing reddish pears somewhere, too, and I colored several pears. Then I decided to make it interesting and really see if the kids were paying attention. "One of these things is not like the others...." See if you can pick out the random pear in my picture. Hee hee! Oh, and I'm not done yet. All of these pears have noses. What color is a pear's nose? Should I not color them at all? Should I color them black to show signs of early decay? (that's "Missy 2.0" talking as Geoff would say!) What color is a pear's nose? Please, feel free to send your suggestions.

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  1. Yeah I don't recall ever seeing a pear with a nose, although sometimes my potatoes have eyes and they are usually white so there's an idea for you to consider. I like spying on your blog. I'm enjoying keeping up with family and friends lives this way.